Mastermine for GoldMine - Reporting made easy



What does MasterMineĀ® do?

MasterMine is a dedicated report writer for GoldMine CRM and QuoteWerks.


MasterMine lets users:

  • Build quick, flexible reports, lists and graphs... in seconds (not hours!)
  • Change and edit reports on-the fly, while you're looking at them. No back-and-forth with "wizards" or design screens and no waiting for technical experts. Results are easy and immediate.
  • Renders your GoldMine CRM or QuoteWerks data in a familiar Excel environment, so you leverage the knowledge you already have!

More than a just a "simple" Reporting tool:

  • MasterMine links your live reports BACK TO GoldMine CRM or QuoteWerks Records.
  • Double-click to "drill" right through to LIVE records or (with MMUpdater) make mass-changes in GoldMine from Excel.

MasterMine lets you build highly targettedGoldMine CRM Groups graphically, without complicated SQL or dBase expressions, so now you can process records in convenient groups for:

  • Tightly controlled mailing and e-mailing exporting.
  • Clean-up data.
  • Task scheduling and much more!

MasterMine makes information retrieval so easy, ordinary users (not IT experts) can finally do it for themselves, so it saves you HOURS of staff time every month!


System Requirements:
GoldMine 5.x up to Premium Edition 9.02

SQL 7, 2000, 2005, or 2008

MS Office 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010 (32-bit)
Office 2003 has significant improvements for PivotTables, both for users and the back end, and is more stable.
Office 2007 and 2010 have greater functionality and are highly recommended.

Windows 2000 or higher, including Windows 7

512 MB RAM minimum
For larger data files (more than a few thousand contacts or 20,000 history records), 2 GB or more is highly recommended.

High-speed Networks: Network speed can be a bottleneck if large files are queried. See the user manual for hints on query efficiency.

To discuss MasterMine or request a demonstration please contact Gold Business Solutions:


Tel: 0845 5212 199 or



We look forward to speaking to you soon.

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